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Pokemon GO Appraisal Feature Used For D**k Jokes

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Ever since the new appraisal feature was added to Pokemon GO in an update, developers thought that the fans would use it to see which of their Pokemon would be worthy of a power up or two. They were only half right. While hardcore players do use it to find out which of their Pokemon has the best IV, the majority of fans have used it for crude humor, which was inevitable.

When using the appraisal feature, the player’s designated team leader would usually mention how big or small a Pokemon is or how outstanding it is. This has led to many fans using this as an opportunity to tell jokes about the male genitalia, obviously showing the ?mature? side of their humor.

Buzzfeed has collected a number of these, pointing out the ?hilarious? situations that can come from it. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying crude humor, the jokes have gotten old very quickly, but they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. This is the age of the internet after all.

Pokemon GO users have started naming their creatures crude things like ?d*ck? or ?magnum dong.? This could be humorous if the word matched up with the Pokemon’s appearance, but that isn’t always the case. How does a glorious creature like Arcanine look phallic in any way? Maybe if it was used for a Pokemon like Diglett or Drowzee, it would be more effective, but for other Pokemon, it simply doesn’t work.

Admittedly, it’s not all jokes about private parts. The one about Snorlax is actually pretty funny, but they’re few and far between. Here?s hoping fans will start to match funny nicknames with the Pokemon’s appearance, but that’s doubtful and probably won’t happen anytime soon.

If anything though, it does show that the game will continue to be popular for quite sometime. It’s currently the most popular app around the world, showing fans the staying power of the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon GO is available now in a number of countries and might already be downloadable worldwide. The free-to-play mobile title is available for Android and iOS devices, so nobody will have to be left behind. ?


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