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Pokemon GO New Update Brings Pokemon Appraisal To Improve Attack, Defense Prowess Of Each Pokemon

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Niantic Labs has added a new update in Pokemon GO that features the Pokemon Appraisal Feature. It enables the player to learn the Pokemon?s attack and defence values, it varies every Team Leader.

However, this features is only available for Pokemon Go players that are at least level five and has already chosen a faction. Ex: Team Valour, Team Instinct or Team Mystic. Valour, on the other hand; is the most preferable choice by the majority of players.

Attack and Defence plays a major role when it comes to battle, it determines how much damage can a certain Pokemon do, and how much damage it can withstand. Appraisal feature will provide the players, a detailed overview of the said stats.

Niantic Labs also added a few minor updates and bug fixes for the game. Niantic also stated that they are currently working on some new features that will bring excitement to the players. However, the release dates of the said features are still unknown.

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Recently, a number of alleged Pokemon GO cheaters have been banned. Niantic has stated their intention on this particular matter, they said that they will take action against the players who uses cheats in the game.

Pokemon Go?s developer, Niantic Labs, has been handing out soft and perma-bans to a few players. These players spoof the GPS to show themselves in a variety of locations without leaving their current location. However, innocent people are also affected.

Innocent players are also getting banned because of the cheaters who are faking their locations. A post from Pokemon Go?s Reddit page has confirmed that they are monitoring the player?s activities, mostly the GPS. They are giving the alleged players a temporary ban.

Some players also claimed that they received soft-bans while they?re having a phone call while driving or inside a fast moving vehicle. Innocent Pokemon Go players, if banned. Can file a ticket using the Pokemon GO help centre to start the unban process.

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