Pokemon GO And Apple iPhone 7 Dominated Google Search 2016

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Pokemon GO And Apple iPhone 7 Dominated

In a recent report, Pokemon GO and Apple iPhone 7 dominated the Google search charts this 2016. With 2016 almost over, what else dominated Google search?

So many things have happened this year. There are still war-stricken countries while the technology is still evolving fast. Beyond that, Donald Trump is now the president of the United States of America while Britain is no longer part of the European Union, otherwise known as Brexit. Everything that happened this 2016 may seem like a blur. There were so many things that happened to the world this 2016 and Google?s Search trends have had its highs and lows.

If you?re wondering the top five topics searched on Google 2016, they are Pokemon GO, iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince, and Powerball.

Pokemon GO and Apple iPhone 7 dominated

Yes! Pokemon GO is the most searched topic. Before the global release of the game, the game was highly trending in the whole world as every country awaited for its release. Furthermore, there were so many Pokemon GO tricks and tips that came out during the highly anticipated release.

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Beyond the Pokemon GO release and cheats, the Apple iPhone 7 also became a trending search as Apple fans were very excited about the new phone. There were so many rumors that came about before the Apple iPhone 7 release. However, when it came out, there were so many good and bad reviews about the phone. However, the iPhone still dominated the tech sector. Three Apple devices were searched for this year. In the top five searches of tech, you have the iPhone 7, Freedom 251, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and Google Pixel. While Samsung had a mishap with the Galaxy S7, the mishap was not as popular at the iPhone. Samsung Galaxy S7 only stole sixth place.

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Check out the video Google made about Google search 2016.

Global news

Beyond the aforementioned searches, the US election, Olympics, Brexit, Orlando shooting as well as the Zika virus made Google?s search top charts for global news. Before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, there was a lot of searches about Donald Trump. Furthermore, there were so many viral videos made of Trump. Trump garnered so much attention that Hillary Clinton, Michael Phelps, Melania Trump, and Simone Biles all came in second best in the top search on Google.

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With entertainment, Deadpool came out on top and beat the most awaited movies like Suicide Squad, The Revenant, Captain America: Civil War and Batman v. Superman. Furthermore, with TV shows, Stranger Things won the most searched. Even if Westworld has had a great track record so far, you have Luke Cage, Game of Thrones and Black Mirror reigning the search engine. The Walking Dead did not even reach the top 10 in search!

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