Pokemon GO App Freezing: Tips On How To Prevent Issues On Android And iOS In The Latest Update

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Apparently, after the latest update of the Pokemon GO app, players have been having a hard time logging into the game. It appears that there is a bug that freezes the game as you enter it.

Pokemon GO?has always had several bugs. Usually it is corrected in the following patch. But this time around, we found several ways to manually correct this game-freezing bug.

Pokemon GO Freeze Bug Fix

The first way (and probably the most common and easiest) is to close the app totally for three to five times. This means going out of the game and removing it from your ?recently opened app” history.

If this does not work, here is another thing you can try. As you enter the app and see that it freezes upon loading, try going to a different app. Do this for a couple of seconds then go back to the Pokemon app.

If the abovementioned method still does not work, you can try the final option. This is a bit longer compared to the first two but has the highest success rate.

First is you completely exit the game. After doing that, go to your GPS option and deactivate it. Once done with the GPS, delete your app cache history.

Once you have done all the steps above, go back to your Pokemon app and enter it WITHOUT activating your GPS. If you see the white Pokeball disappear, that?s the time you activate your GPS. Do this a couple of times until you are able to finally enter the game.

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Those are the top three ways you can follow to prevent the Pokemon GO?app from freezing even before you start the game. If the game still freezes despite all your efforts, then there is nothing that we can do for now but wait for developer?Niantic to fix the bug themselves.

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