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Pokemon GO APK: Will Players Really Get Banned?

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Pokemon GO

Is Niantic looking to drop the ban hammer on those who jumped the line to play Pokemon GO early? Yesterday, the highly anticipated augmented reality monster collector officially went live with initial roll-outs in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. However, players in other regions quickly found workarounds to get the game working by downloading the?Pokemon GO APK? externally. This prompted Niantic to shut down the servers in all countries until further notice.

Bans May Be Incoming For Those With Pokemon GO APK

Now a lot of chatter on social media has arisen, urging those who acquired Pokemon GO through other means to quickly delete the app from their phones or risk a full device and account ban.

?If you are on Android and got the Pokemon GO apk from outside of your region, you are risking a ban. Just as a heads up,? tweeted YouTuber Maeka.

Another Pokemon YouTube personality named Twintendo also warned players, saying, ?If you have downloaded the APK for Pokemon GO delete it now. They are banning your device and not your account, which is much worse!?

Android users downloading the game from third-party websites should also be wary, as unverified Pokemon GO APK files may cause serious harm to their device. If a mass ban does indeed occur, it wouldn?t be the first time Niantic has done so. Over on Reddit, a user by the name of GiantKiller130 says that Ninantic has done similar things in their previous game, Ingress.

?Not that anyone will read this, but as an ingress vet, I’ll throw my two cents in: please don’t spoof, or download the apk or register a fake apple ID to get it early for your region. Niantic used to ban people for drift hacking, and it would be a shame to find many new trainers suddenly being banned. The process to get unbanned is long and arduous, and it’s not worth it,? he wrote.

As of the moment, not?a single player has been banned by Niantic. Though the ban on Pokemon GO APK?users is yet to be confirmed, we think it?s best that you just wait until the game officially launches in your region.

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