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Pok?mon Go APK: How To Find The Legitimate One Free From Malware

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is the most famous game available on mobile phones. The developers have released the game in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Pokemon fans in other countries are still waiting for the Niantic Labs and the Pokemon company to release the game. Some fans are even looking for Android application package (APK) file from the internet. TheBitBag team would like to recommend its customer to verify whether their downloaded file is free from malware.

First of all, the users must know what damage a file with injected malware can do to their respective Android devices. The file may contain DroidJack or SandroRAT malware. These malwares let hackers access the data stored on a device.

Here are the simple instructions that one should follow before installing APK files. Using this method, users can check whether they have downloaded a clean version or a hacked one. (courtesy of PhoneArena)

1.One can find the checksum (hash) of an Android APK file by using apps like MD5 Checker, MD5 Hash or Hash Droid that are available on the Google Play Store. By using any of these apps, one should find out whether it is hacked version or a legitimate version that has a legitimate value of SHA256.

The hacked version of the Pokemon Go APK file is as follows:


2.There is another simple method to check the infected file that is compare the application?s permission. This can be done by navigating to: Settings > Apps > Pokemon Go > Permissions

The legitimate application that has been often linked to by media outlets has a checksum:


The hackers have modified the infected file in such a way that the users would likely not notice that they have installed a malicious application.

Pokemon GO

For those who are desperate to play the game and can?t wait the official release, they can download the apk file from APKMirror. iPhone and iPod users can simply download it by changing their region to the US, Australia or New Zealand. For this, they have to log out of their current Apple ID and sign in with the different ID with the region selected from one of the countries.


However, TheBitBag team strongly recommends that the users wait for the official release of the game. Here are the details about the possible release dates in other countries that have not yet received the Pokemon Go.

Stay tune to TheBitBag for more Pokemon GO updates!

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