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Pokemon GO APK Download: Nintendo Cracks Down On Piracy

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Pokemon Go

As only a few parts of the world has gotten their hands on Pokemon GO and with the developers having no plans yet to make it available in other territories, a large amount of fans are still looking to download the Pokemon GO APK. This has caused a huge problem for developer Niantic as players all over the world bogged down the game?s servers, which inadvertendly caused the servers to frequently crash. To deal with the game?s piracy, Nintendo is planning to take strong actions.

Downloading the game?s APK file is easy, and many people around the world have already done it. Torrent Freak noticed that Nintendo has reported the issue to Google, asking the search giant to remove those files.

As the game is not yet meant to be played by millions of people worldwide, Nintendo is not happy with the Pokemon GO APK files leaking. The company has also sent notices highlighting some of the websites offering APK file downloads. Despite these takedown requests from Nintendo, APK files of the game are still aplenty online. ?

Since the mobile game is free to download, Nintendo has not suffered any financial loss due to the APK file, but it certainly increases risks to fans of the game. Some of the APK files were reported to be malicious as they contain virus that can damage players? devices. The game is already plagued with issues, and Niantic is working on the problems to ensure a worldwide release.

The Pokemon GO APK started trending when people learned that the game is not yet available in many places around the world. After watching people do crazy things with the Pokemon game, the appeal to join the bandwagon became irresistible, and from the first day, players started looking for an alternative way to play the game and ?catch them all.?

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