Pokemon GO API By Mila432; Popular Cheat Still Live Despite Lawsuit Threat From Niantic

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Pokemon GO creators are waging a war against third-party developers that create exploits and hacks for Trainers. In the recent updates, Niantic has weeded out tracker apps like Pokevision. But this did not stop people from looking for other exploits or help. So, Niantic is also out to get them. One developer that is currently under fire is GitHub user Mila432.

Mila432?s API is stored in the popular online code repository GitHub. These codes allows users to automate Pokemon GO play. Third-party developers are allowed by Mila432?s API to create bots to play the game without any effort. It simulates how a user would efficiently use the game. It simulates the communication through sending false signals to the game servers.

In a report by The Verge, The Pokemon Company says that Mila432?s API violates Pokemon GO?s term of services. It allegedly violates the Pokemon Trainer Club account system for logging into the game. Mika432 was reportedly banned by The Pokemon Company from accessing any Pokemon-related service. They also asked Mila432 to remove the API from GitHub within seven days. Mila432 seems as someone that is not going to comply. The API on the original page is still up.

Mila432 also added a cute little note for Niantic saying ?see you in court nianticlabs, with love from russia xoxo.?

This as pointed out by The Verge that this is an escalation of how Niantic is dealing with the service abuse. The banning of apps that promote exploits is said to be done to ensure that the game is being played fairly. Also, this reduces the strain being placed on servers. It is maintained by Niantic that third-party apps are interfering with their ability to provide quality service.

Do you agree with how Niantic is coming down hard on third party apps? Do you think Niantic should bring back the tracking system to help users better? Or will this be an arms race between Niantic and independent developers?

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