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Pokemon GO Announcement: Where To Catch Niantic’s December 12 Reveal

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Pokemon GO Update

Big things are expected from Niantic today as gen 2 is expected to be revealed by the developer. After weeks of leaks and speculations, Niantic finally broke their silence last week and said that more Pokemon are coming to the game on Dec. 12. Now that the day?s finally here, all that?s left is to wait for the official announcement. Here?s where to catch the Pokemon GO announcement from Niantic.

Where To Catch The Pokemon GO Announcement

Although Niantic has yet to say exactly where to catch the Pokemon GO announcement, we might have a few guesses as to where the big reveal might be seen. Niantic is pretty vocal about updates on their social media channels.

Fans can expect Niantic to hold the big Pokemon GO reveal on Niantic’s?Facebook?page, the Pokemon GO Facebook page, or Twitter accounts. As for when the announcement will drop, we can expect the developer to reveal the new Pokemon at sometime around the afternoon or whenever Pokemon GO players are most abundant.

Over at their Facebook page, Niantic notes that there will also be a few in-game events and other things to look out for before 2016 wraps up. It?s going to be an exciting month for Pokemon GO players. Niantic also teased their announcement for December 12 on the Pokemon GO Facebook page.?

“We?re excited for December because we have a few new experiences and in-game events planned for you before wrapping up the year. While we cannot share all the details yet, keep an eye out on our social media channels on December 12th for details about the first addition of more Pok?mon into Pok?mon GO.”

Pokemon GO Reveal Is Gen 2?

Pokemon GO gen 2 is expected to add 100 more Pokemon, bringing the total count to 251.Many may not have expected Niantic to add more Pokemon as early as this December but it could be Niantic?s way of bringing back the player base it once had. Aside from new Pokemon, there might be more being introduced to the game.

In the Pokemon GO RPGs, Game Freak introduced a ton of features with gen 2 in Pokemon Silver and Gold. Fans are hoping that Niantic would introduce this same features in the mobile game as it would make the game deeper than it ever was.

If Niantic is really going to introduce gen 2 features in the game, fans can expect to have day/night cycles, breeding, Shinies and several others more with the next Pokemon GO update.

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