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Pokemon GO Anniversary: What To Expect From Niantic

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Pokemon GO Easter Event

Time flies by pretty quickly and it looks like players might’ve forgotten that Pokemon GO is going to be a year old pretty soon. Players are expecting Niantic to give in a few surprises on the game’s milestone but we’ve to know what it is exactly. With the Pokemon GO anniversary closing in, we could be getting details soon.

To those who might’ve forgotten, Pokemon GO will turn a year old on July 6. While the game was made playable for many in the latter half of 2016, it’s official debut on mobile devices was in July. Niantic is a bit tight lipped for now and datamines have no exact clue about what we can see during the Pokemon GO anniversary, but there are already a few things to expect.

Legendary Pokemon

Surprisingly, the game is almost a year old but Niantic is still yet to add the several amazing Legendary Pokemon in the game. That all could change if Niantic decides to hold a Pokemon GO anniversary event. We’ve yet to know when Niantic will release the Legendary Pokemon but a few signs are revealing that it will launch this year. One of the signs is Niantic’s recent tease that players will get to enjoy a “Legendary Summer,” which coincidentally falls on July.

Gym Overhaul

One of the upcoming major changes in the game is a Gym overhaul, which has been the talk of the community for a long time now. No exact release date has been pegged for the Gym rework but it could be part of the Pokemon GO anniversary event later this July. In the weeks prior to the event, we can expect to see datamines featuring the possible changes for the overhaul.


When it comes to new features, one of the most anticipated ones to hit the game are the upcoming Raids. We’ve yet to know what the Raids are going to be like but many are expecting that it will play similarly to the Raids found in MMORPGs. The Raids could coincide with the launch of Legendary Pokemon as these creatures could be a part of the event.

A New Event

Like most events, we can expect the Pokemon GO anniversary event to have a lot of bonuses for players including double XPs, higher encounter rates of a few Pokemon, and many more. We’ll have to patiently wait to see if Niantic has anything big in store for us in July.

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