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Pokemon Go for Android N Update: Game Ramps Up Support For Nougat Users

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Pokemon Go for Android has been updated to version 0.29.2. This update is increasing the game?s support for Nougat users.

Software developer Niantic released the much-awaited title last week after months of anticipation from gamers from all over the globe. Since then, the location-based augmented reality mobile game has taken the world by storm, making a reported $7.5 billion dollars within just two days into its launch.

The game?s high volume of users has inevitably resulted to several technical issues. The Pokemon Go Android N update aims to address these.

According to 9 to 5 Google, Pokemon GO?s performance seems to not have changed with the upgrade. However, the most prominent new feature is support for devices running the Android N Developer Preview, which will supposedly be able to take care of crashes and bug fixes throughout the game.

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The review pointed out how the latest version completely loads after entering a birth date and allows users to sign in either with Google or a Pokemon Trainer Club account.

The Pokemon Go Android update does not include release notes on Google Play or the game site just yet. Players are expecting this to be issued soon.

The unveiling of Android Nougat took place just days prior to the Pokemon Go release. While the new OS? name has garnered mixed reactions, feedback on Nougat itself has been relatively positive ever since it was made available for beta testing.

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As for Pokemon GO, its initial run has earned several negative reviews due to technical and security concerns. This included reports about a fake Pokemon GO app that allowed hackers to gain access to users? devices and infect them with viruses and malwares.

Players also complained about access and connection problems just hours after the official launch. These were allegedly due to an APK leak, which also delayed the game?s international release in several countries.

Players have also raised several problems with certain in-game features, such as high battery consumption, location inaccuracy, poor audio and many more.

Pokemon GO cheats have also been circulating. These tactics supposedly allow users to illegally access Pokecoins, Pokeballs and other resources for free instead of purchasing or earning them inside the game.

Will the Pokemon Go Android update be able to fix these setbacks? Are there other glitches that need to be addressed? Let us know in the comments below.

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