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Pokemon GO Android & iOS Version Released! Country Availability And How To Prepare

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Pokemon GO

The wait might have been long, but Pokemon GO is finally available in certain countries. The free-to-play mobile game is currently downloadable for Android and iOS devices in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. It seems like Niantic will focus on giving the game to the countries that got successful beta tests first before deciding to go for a worldwide launch, with iOS releases coming soon after.

Niantic has already released a support page for those who have downloaded the game, so it appears that a worldwide release is coming soon. This was expected, since the beta ended late last month and the developers stated that July would be the release date of the game. What is surprising is that the game is available this early in the month, though only for a few countries.

You can download the Android version of the game here. You can download the iOS version here. .

Since North America did get the beta earlier this year, chances are the game will be available there soon, along with the rest of the world. This is easily the most anticipated mobile game in recent years, so fans can expect it to do really well in terms of download records.

There?s already an APK file of the game floating in the wild and players can simply set the region to a country where it is available. It isn?t suggested for players to download the APK as they can get a permanent ban from Niantic, however, impatient gamers will surely try to get their hands on the game as soon as possible.

Charizard in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is pretty different from a typical game in the series. Players are split into three groups ? Blue, Red and Yellow, like the first three games ? as they attempt to catch Pokemon without fighting them and take over gyms. Instead of turn-based battles, the mobile game implements a tap-based system that is more user-friendly for mobile devices. This doesn?t make the battles any less impressive though, since the 3D models used for the Pokemon look great.

Fans hoping for a mobile version of the Game Boy and 3DS titles will not find it here, since this is meant to be a more casual experience. The developers designed the game to be appealing to both newcomers and veteran players who might want to try a different Pokemon experience, which is what this mobile game is.

Pokemon GO is available now in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Fans can expect a worldwide release of the game very soon.


The game is reportedly available in select US locations. A new APK version also allows you to play regardless of your country.


The game’s servers are currently down in all countries today. On the bright side, the PR team reportedly said that the game will be officially available in US today, while it will be available by the end of this week in Europe.

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