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Pokemon GO Adventure Week Ends, Niantic Brings Back Common Spawns

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Pokemon GO Adventure Week
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

As scheduled by Niantic, Pokemon GO’s Adventure has now concluded today, May 25. Niantic has now removed all the increased spawn rates they put up and returned to regular server rates. Players are starting to find common spawns again like Rattata, Pidgey, and Sentret, like the usual Pokemon GO days.

Adventure Week Conclusion

As seen on the SilphRoad subreddit, fans are already affected with the event’s conclusion. Niantic pushed out an increased buddy Pokemon candy rate and Rock-type Pokemon encounter rate boost in the said event. The event had an “archeological exploration” feel to it as it featured increased encounter rates to known ancient Pokemon like Omanyte, Kabuto, and Aerodactyl. These Pokemon were only obtainable by restoring them through fossils in the original Pokemon games. Avid players made the most out of this experience as it cut down on their resource farming times rather than get on the event’s “Adventure” mood.

Back to Common Spawns

Since the event has concluded, fans noticed that the common Pokemon spawns have reverted back to the usual encounters again. Expect Rattata, Pidget, Sentret, and other Pokemon that you’ll usually see in your local area. These Pokemon are often ignored by experienced players or usually farmed to boost their player levels faster. This situation is expected as Niantic already removed the bonuses after the event’s conclusion.

A Good Event

Fans praised the good execution of the Pokemon GO Adventure week event as the rare spawn rates were noticeable in the game. More than just seeing more Rock-type Pokemon, players also saw other Pokemon types that  are unusual in their local areas, which is a treat for all the fans. The improved Candy generation rate allowed them to focus on specific Pokemon that they want evolved or devolved. Both casual and competitive players got something good out of this event at best.

Next Pokemon GO Event and Updates

Niantic has not announced incoming major events that much on social media. Players would likely find themselves informed a day before any Pokemon GO event starts. However, they do celebrate international holidays and celebrations like Halloween and Valentine’s Day. However, Niantic has some major updates like Raids and major Gym rework scheduled this year, which fans can look forward to.

As for major Pokemon GO calendar events, the game is about to celebrate its anniversary this Summer. Niantic said that “summer will be legendary” in Pokemon GO. Potentially the Pokemon GO event this summer might release legendary Pokemon, which haven’t been found in the mobile title since it launched last year. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on The BitBag.

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