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Pokemon GO: Advanced Tips On How To Win Gym Battles

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players can pick a team and engage in Gyms after reaching Level 5. They can easily access the Gym their team owns and defend their Pokemon against the opponents. It is important to make sure that the Pokemon you choose for battle is strong enough to survive. Some pro players have shared advanced Gym battle tips to help you win easily. If you are looking for ways to win Gym battles in the game, these advanced tips can help you.

The game gives you a bonus for defeating Pokemon in battles. To achieve up to 25 percent increase in damage from your attacks, the experts on The Silphroad suggest a same type attack. This means players should match their moves with the Pokemon type. For example, a water Pokemon would get more damage with a water type move.

The trick is not considered cheating, but is it a way to play the game strategically instead of sacrificing the Pokemon you collect after grinding hard. It is really important to evolve different types of Pokemon such as water, fire, ghost, steel and more to make sure that you have the right type whenever you jump into Pokemon GO Gym battles.

Another Battle mechanic is the critical hit, which is important for additional damage boost. According to the user, the mechanic improves the damage in different ratio for different moves. However, Niantic is constantly improving the game, and these mechanics can be changed anytime.

There are other tricks through which you can defeat any opponent in Gym battles. A great way to easily win Pokemon GO Gym battles is by dodging effectively and striking whenever the enemy is open. Dodge whenever a yellow light flashes on the screen and gauge how many times you should attack depending on how long it takes for your Pokemon to execute the move. Players should also take note that having a high CP won?t necessarily help you win Gym battles as there are also a lot of other important stats in the game.

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