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Pokemon GO: 7-Eleven Stores Are Now PokeStops In Japan

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A New Sponsor In Pokemon GO
7-11 Has Partnered With Pokemon GO [Image Captured From 7-11 Website

Players of Niantic’s augmented reality title are slowly benefiting more and more with the landmarks found on the map. A new establishment has joined the ranks of the sponsors for Pokemon GO and players all over the globe could be benefitting from it soon. The new sponsor for players is none other than 7-Eleven.

Redditor crosswithyou shares an image of a promotional poster of a 7-Eleven branch for Pokemon GO. No official announcement was made by Niantic and it took players by surprise. However, the official website of 7-Eleven itself brought the news of their addition as a new sponsor in the game.

Unlike other sponsors, players are reporting that 7-Eleven stores are not turned into Pokemon Gyms. Instead, numerous 7-Eleven branches around Japan are turning in to PokeStops for players to grab useful items in. It’s worth noting that not every 7-Eleven was turned into a PokeStop. According to the post, shops inside hospitals, station premises and commercial establishments are excluded.

What makes the addition of 7-Eleven as a sponsor more helpful is that with its numerous branches, a ton of  PokeStops have opened up and players get to enjoy the benefit of these new landmarks. PokeStops are a great source of items and if there are a lot, then players aren’t going to be short on Incenses, Potions and other essential items.

Pokemon GO players from other regions aren’t reporting their local 7-Eleven branches as new sponsors yet and. We’ve yet to know if Niantic and 7-Eleven is interested in doing the same for other regions. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if Niantic will do the same outside of Japan.

Aside from 7-11, there are a ton of other establishments in Japan that have become sponsors for the augmented reality title. Players are noting that McDonalds, Softbank, Y! Mobile, Ito-En vending machines, Toho Cinemas, Tulley’s Coffee, and Aeon, have sponsored Pokemon GO in Japan.. Basically, in the city, players of the augmented reality title in Japan are never short on sponsored areas to visit. Hopefully, 7-Eleven and Niantic will also strike a partnership in other regions as it looks like a pretty helpful one to have.

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