Pokemon GO: 5 Celebs Who Make You Want To Download The Game

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Pokemon GO has become so successful ever since software developer Niantic released it earlier this month. If you are still thinking about whether or not you should download the augmented reality game, these celebs who are in on the worldwide craze just might be able to convince you.

Justin Bieber

The ?What Do You Mean? singer recently proved that he means business when it comes to playing Pokemon GO. Earlier this week, the hitmaker was spotted running in New York while trying to catch a rare Pokemon. The funny part was that the crowd was also too busy playing to even notice the pop star playing alongside them.

Reddit user Stalker Tuesday detailed the incident. ?[Bieber] was hanging near a popular Pokemon Go spot in Central Park, when a Gyarados spawned near the Apple Store right off the Park. Cue crowd of 300 people running to the Apple Store,? the user said.

?Everyone is so engrossed in catching the big guy, no one notices when a black car pulls up and Justin [Bieber] and his 6 body guards rolled [to] join in the hunt.?

The eyewitness pointed out that it is very possible that there were at least a couple of Beliebers in the crowd. However, those around Justin at that time seemingly just had different priorities. ?And those things are Pokemon,? the user added.

John Mayer

The ?Body is a Wonderland? singer and ex-beau of Katy Perry recently showed that he is one of the more serious Pokemon GO celeb players. He shared on Instagram a game screenshot of the confirmation message asking him if he ?wants to buy 14,500 PokeCoins for $99.99.?

The 38-year-old singer-songwriter wrote his response to the question by captioning the screenshot: ?YES I DO.?


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We all know that the ?Stimulated? rapper and ?Keeping Up with the Kardashians? star Kylie Jenner have been through a lot in their relationship. From cheating scandals to family issues, the young couple has been through it all.

This is why fans got a kick out of paparazzi photos that showed the 26-year-old hip-hop star practically ignoring the reality superstar while engrossed on his phone. Zoom in and you can see that Tyga is actually playing Pokemon GO while his hot 18-year-old girlfriend just stares at him.

Jonas brothers

Joe Jonas recently shared a Twitter video of him with his friends while at a luxurious vacation. However, it is likely that he was just busy playing on the trip, since he captioned the clip with ?#PokemonGO? and ?#GottaCatchThemAll.?

Gigi Hadid?s ex-beau also tweeted to ask who among his 8.24 million Twitter followers wants to go on a roadtrip with him, supposedly because legendary creature Mewtwo is rumored to be at Area 51.

It is not clear if Nick Jonas is also playing the game. However, the ?Jealous? singer tweeted his amusement over how demanding Demi Lovato got when she could not find a Pokemon while on a gig with him. ?

In the end, Kevin Jonas proved that he is more dedicated than his siblings when it comes to Pokemon GO. He recently tweeted about how he supposedly went back to their old hometown where he used to buy Pokemon cards in hopes of finding a rare character there.


Wiz Khalifa

The ?Young Wild and Free? rapper would have to be one of the most amusing and dedicated Pokemon GO players in the entertainment industry.

Ever since the title came out, Wiz Khalifa was among one of the first to express his excitement. The 28-year-old would even share screenshots of the creatures that he would catch, with complete with captions showing just how engrossed he is in the game.?

The ex-husband of Amber Rose even tweeted about how he would play Pokemon GO while on the beach or playing with his pets. Wiz Khalifa also just shrugged off privacy issues that were being associated with the game, joking that he does not care because ?a n*gga gotta catch ?em all.?

Which of these celebrity Pokemon GO players is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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