Pokemon GO Attacked By Hackers; Causes Server Glitches

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Hacker group PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for causing server glitches on Pokemon Go. Gamers were unable to play the game last Saturday after the group was able to take down the servers using a DDoS attack.

PoodleCorp announced on its official Twitter page that they were the one responsible for causing a malfunction on the servers. The group added it was only some kind of small-scale test and that they ?will do something on a larger scale soon.?

Pokemon Go players released their frustrations on social media and constructed a number of memes to spend time before the servers go back online. And although PoodleCorp confirmed that they were responsible for the attack, the server glitches may also be considered as a malfunction which Niantic has been experiencing for a while.

Pokemon Go was previously released on July 6 in countries including the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The game was soon revealed to other countries such as UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Although Japan was the original country where Pokemon came out, it has yet to have the game.

Game developer Niantic posted a message on their official website and mentioned that the company was encountering ?server issues.? The company added that they are currently ?working on a fix? and that gamers should remain patient until it goes back to normal.

According to reports and mentions from Twitter users, the servers are back online but details are still unclear on whether or not everyone is included.

It was previously reported that Nintendo?s head developer John Hanke assured fans that the mobile game will be available ?relatively soon? in roughly 200 countries and regions, according to Reuters.

The game was previously released in other parts of the world but other reports have indicated that Europe and Canada will still have to supposedly wait for the release. Other fans opted to download the game through the APK file so while everyone is still waiting for the official release, the APK file may be the best choice.

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