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Pokemon GO 2017 Summer Event, Sun Glasses Squirtle & Surfing Pikachu

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is still currently in the second phase of the current holiday event. However, excited fans are already looking far ahead into the future, speculating on what Pokemon GO?s Summer event for 2017 will be.

Summer 2017

Pokemon GO?s Summer events hasn?t even be announced yet and summer is still pretty far away, but this sure hasn?t stopped die-hard Pokemon GO fans. Pokemon GO has very active online communities across several different sites. Many users have been actively sharing their thoughts on just what will be coming out in Pokemon GO?s summer event in the future.

The recent holiday events have given rise to the Pikachu adorning a Santa hat. Many users believed that similar event related costume variants for certain Pokemon are sure to come in the summer.

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The three top Pokemon variants being speculated to come out in summer are: Surfing Squirtle, Surking Pikachu, and Alolan Raichu.

Surfing Pikachu

There have been discussion on Reddit this holiday season that Pikachu is sure to have a new costume for the summer event. Being the most prominent face of the Pokemon franchise, many users are suggesting that Pikachu will be surfing in the summer.

This wild suggestion though is not unheard of. Pikachu was previously surfing in a former NIntendo 3DS game.

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In addition, many users are also pitching that Alolan Raichu be added in Pokemon GO?s summer event. The pokemon?s unique feature certainly scream summer vibes and it would be interesting to see some cross over happening with Fame Freak?s latest Pokemon Sun and Moon titles.

A Sunglasses-Wearing Squirtle

Finally, a recent Otakukart report has pitched the idea of having a sunglasses-wearing Squirtle in the summer. This look isn?t something new and pays homage to an iconic episode of Squirtles wearing sunglasses in the anime.

With summer still so far away, anything can happen once the Summer Event does come. What do you guys think should be added in Pokemon GO?s 2017 summer event? Let us know in the comments section below!

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