Pokemon GO: 1HP Gym Bug Plagues Users

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Niantic?s Pokemon GO has been repeatedly reported to have a bug that dampens the efforts of the players trying to take gyms. As it is plainly difficult to travel to far places just to reach Pokestops and Gyms, players are getting frustrated as their long trips are seemingly wasted by a an in-game bug.

As seen in MalavarTCOne?s video above, the ?1HP Gym Bug? in Pokemon GO locks the player when fighting a defending Pokemon, with no chances of ever defeating it. The defending Pokemon is stuck at 1HP and will stay that way regardless of your active Pokemon?s efforts to take it down. Currently, players are stuck trying to find a workaround to defeat this bug and earn a Pokemon Gym. Additionally, another Gym Bug makes players loop back and forth in the game?s gym battle selection, as detailed in Rewbs? post in a Pokemon GO Pro forum.

Due to the game?s gameplay relying on real world traveling and physical exertion to get to the game?s different sites, the fatigue of some players from their gamely trek are amplified. Most of the players are often encouraged to walk to Pokestops and Gyms to maximize other systems like egg hatching. However, players can use vehicles like bicycles and cars to get around the map. However, the bug makes the Gyms pointless to pursue at the moment.

Niantic has yet to officially address this bug, although they may be already working on a fix for it. If players still aren?t able to correctly contest and take gyms, it might be convenient to focus on farming Pokestops and catching wild Pokemon in the meantime. Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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