Pokemon Generations: Lysandre to Destroy Kalos Region; Where to Watch Online

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Finally, the fans are going to witness the Kalos Region in the latest short movies of Pokemon Generations. In this episode of Pokemon Generations, the most anticipated villain Lysandre will destroy the Kalos Region.

The weekly Nintendo show is getting increasing popularity because of its charismatic villains, engaging storyline and many other features. Kalos region is a home to the beauty-seeking Lysandre. Let?s discover why he?s going to destroy his home.

Lysandre to Destroy Kalos Region in Pokemon Generations

The final episodes of Pokemon Generations will feature the founder of Lysandre labs. According to GameRant, the passionate inventor looks to be swallowed up in a fiery blaze. Lysandre revealed that it was a hologram on stage and the act was merely a demonstration of his company?s latest innovation, the Holo Caster.

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The true personality of Lysandre revealed when his actions to preserve the natural beauty of Kalos by helping people didn?t work. The charismatic villain obtained the powers to destroy the Kalos region. Rather than its beauty reduced in any way, he wanted to destroy Kalos at any cost.

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Where to Watch Pokemon Generation: Lysandre Destroys Kalos Region

The mighty Dark-flying Pokemon Yveltal has destructive powers, which Lysandre wanted to use for himself in order to increase his strength. He planned a top secret project to use Yveltal?s powers to fulfill his destructive aims. ?It is not the only time that Yveltal and its life-giving counterpart Xerneas will appear in the series. There are many episodes of Pokemon Generations have left to feature Yveltal and its counterparts.

YouTube is the best platform to watch your favorite Anime series. Big companies like Nintendo only aim to display their shows on legal platforms like YouTube.

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