Pokemon Generations Anime Series Coming to YouTube This September

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pokemon generations

The Pok?mon Company has announced that the next Pocket Monster animated adventure Pokemon Generations will be coming to YouTube starting September 16 for free. Pok?mon Generations is a new animated series of shorts inspired by the stories of the original games.

The series will feature 18 episodes highlighting some of the biggest moments from the games. This includes Pok?mon Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as Pok?mon X and Y. Unfortunately, each episode will only be 3-5 minutes long. The showrunners promises a lot of content though, as Generations pledges to visit every region, from Kanto to Kalos, in the Pok?mon world.

A look back at?each Pokemon generation

According to The Pok?mon Company, Generations will look back at each generation of the Pok?mon video game series. It will dive into the stories of the games more deeply and will enable viewers to get to know characters and Pok?mon better.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

The first two episodes will be premiering on September 16 on the official Pok?mon YouTube channel. The Pok?mon company has also released a set of concept art images that showcase what?s in store.

pokemon generations

pokemon generations?

pokemon generations

Other Pok?mon related anime is that of Pocket Monsters: The Origin, which was released in 2013. It told the story of the first generation games, Pok?mon Red and Pok?mon Green (released as Pok?mon Blue in North America).

Pok?mon Sun and Pok?mon Moon will also come to the small screen as an anime series is set to premiere on Tokyo TV in November. The anime will feature new Pok?mon and new characters as it follows the story of Satoshi (Ash). Ash will encounter Kapu Kokeko, the god that protects Alola. Furthermore, the series will also follow Ash as he goes to school. One of the key visuals in the series will be his aim to graduate.


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