Pokemon Emerald To Get Its Remake Treatment Too?

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Pok?mon Delta Emerald-!
Pok?mon Delta Emerald-!

There are loads of Pokemnon game releases scheduled for this year, and there are some which have been out, that we can say that this is one of the most productive years of Pokemon franchise. The big thing for this year can easily be the fact that, the Gameboy Advance classics Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire are getting a big and major remake for the Nintendo 3DS system. However, just in the same year, there?s a possibility that a third Gameboy Advance Pokemon title will join their ranks.

How can this possibly happen? Simple, Nintendo just managed to trademark Pokemon Delta Emerald in Japan, which sounds pretty much how the remakes Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire sounds like. The original Pokemon Emerald was released in Gameboy Advance last 2005. The trademark was made last 2nd of May, and was only made public by May 29th for Pokemon fans to oogle at.

As if there hasn?t been enough hype with the upcoming release of two major Pokemon remakes on the 3DS, a third one can be one good idea to strengthen an already solid cast of game lineup, which can bring a serious increase in sales for Nintendo. This, or they just want to make sure that the name is protected, so they won?t have any legal troubles in the future. (Nintendo has been involved in a number of legal stuff, but who would try to use the name in any possible form?)

Still, with Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, there has been a site called Pokemon Gray which was under Nintendo?s domain, yet, we didn?t see anything coming out aside from the site and the tease, so fans of pocket monster hunting shouldn?t expect way too much. Still, we know that Nintendo has plans for Emerald, and whatever or whenever this will come out, we will be patient, for blessings come to those who wait.

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