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Pokemon Co-Master – Latest Mobile Game Experience

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Pokemon Co-Master, Pokemon Co-Master Mobile Game

The Pokemon Company has a treat for all its fans. The gaming company will be releasing a new mobile game called Pokemon Co-Master! This is absolutely a new kind of gaming experience.

Imagine a different kind of Pok?mon game that comes handy already on your mobile phone. Polygon says that the ?Pok?mon Company is giving the franchise a different spin on mobile this spring with Pok?mon Co-Master, a digital board game co-developed with a company that specializes in artificial intelligence.?

In the report, it says that Pokemon Co-Master is a strategy board game which has a distinctive style like ?Japanese chess game shogi or Chinese board game Go.? It is a free to play game that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. However, what is so different and exciting about this new mobile game is that the game?s artificial intelligence will be helping you out in defeating the CPU-controlled opponents, making it ?approachable for beginners.?

Crunchyroll adds that Pokemon Co-Master is developed by Heroz. The game developer is particularly famous, not just for its competitive technology but also for knowledge and use of artificial intelligence. Thus, fans can expect that this will be an exciting mobile game that still uses the traditional gameplay of Pokemon, which is to capture, train and battle.

So imagine the combination of traditional gameplay and the help of a designed artificial intelligence, all inside the Pokemon world – that would certainly be awesome, right?

As per the press release, the Pokemon Co-Master is slated for release in spring in the Japanese market. There is no official announcement as to when the new Pok?mon digital board game will be available in in the US and other countries.

So what do you think of this new treat from Pokemon Company and Heroz? Share your expectations of this new mobile game, Pokemon Co Master. Hit the comment box below.

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