Pokeapons: Pokemons as Weapons

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Pokeapon Fusion – Raikou & Suicune

Back in 1997, an episode from Pokemon flickered an idea for the U.S. military to build a seizure inducing ray gun. According to NYpost, the existence of the secret-weapon plan was revealed in a recently declassified Army National Ground Intelligence Center analysis which describes a device that would blast the enemy with ?electromagnetic pulses,? which would cause a ?disruption of voluntary muscle control,? a. k. a. seizures. It has also been said that the said episode caused an unexplained phenomena to almost 700 viewers from Japan who experienced epileptic symptoms and vomiting. This, however is an illustration of how influential Pokemon is, when even adults? minds were ?affected and carried away by the show.

Almost everyone wants a real-life Pokemon. Sad to say they are purely fictional monsters from the TV Series Pokemon. We are so hooked up with the show that we badly want to train one to defend us when the situation calls for it .

I want one myself. If only I can have one to be with me every time I need them. I know that I am not alone in this dilemma. If in any way I could help ?fulfil this, I will.

Here?s a good find that I can share with you, my fellow Pokemon addicts!

A talented artist named Rico Busalpa shared the same sentiment, I guess, when he was able to widen his imagination and already drew a number of Pokemon weapons or as he dubbed them ?Pokeapons?. The distinct physical appearances, styles and each Pokemon?s? ability make it easy for us to see Pokemons as tools of an army or weapons for defense. While scanning through Busalpa?s Pokemon weapons, I tried to think of a Pokemon and imagine it as a weapon and I chose Pikachu as a taser.

Anyways, Busalpa does create a Pokeapon Fusion too. Yes! A combination of two Pokepons merged into a weapon. Some of the Pokeapon fusions he did were Raikou & Suicune, ?Crawdaunt & Croconaw and Jolteon and Raikou.

Busalpa has already produced hundreds of Pokepon drawings, so be sure to check his current Instagram account (@rebusalpa) for the Pokemon weaponry gallery!

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