Pocket Premium App (Formerly Read It Later) Saves Online Articles Forever in Your Pocket

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Pocket Premium App (Formerly Read It Later) Saves Online Articles Forever in Your Pocket

In today’s busy mobile world, most of us do not have the time to read all the articles we stumble on as we search, or find posted, in the social networks we ?mingle? on. Fortunately, there are apps for mobile devices that help us ?save? the articles for later reading, like Pocket. But sometimes, the ?later? in later reading turns out to be even ?much, much later? and we find that the article that we bookmarked in the app, has been deleted and gone forever. Solution: The Pocket app rolled out a Premium version that lets us truly ?save? the article ?forever?.

The makers of the Pocket app like to say (as shown on their main website page) ?When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket?. Unfortunately, some Pocket users forget what they put in their ?pocket? and find out that the article they wanted to read or view has been deleted from the original source and gone forever.

This is why the Pocket Team, (based in San Francisco and headed by its founder, Nate (@NateWeiner), and his team composed of Nikki (@nikkimarie47), Matt (@mkoidin), Max (@xXxXxXxXxXam), Jonathan (@jbruck), Justin (@saysjustin), Kenny (@kennylong), Michael (@maicki), Thomas (@lethargicpanda), Nick (@nschaden), Kait (@kaitgaiss), Simran (@sim1303) and Tushar (@tushar_kirtane)), thought of rolling out a Premium version of Pocket that ?literally saves? the articles forever, even if it has been deleted from the original source.

Pocket, which was formerly known as ?Read It Later?, allows users of the Premium app to save articles in an archive, that permanently makes the article viewable even if the original source has been removed from the world wide web, and does not exist anymore (except on the Pocket Archive, of course).

The Pocket Premium is the same useful app, but, with the additional benefit of a ?permanent library? that will contain all of the links that you place in your ?Pocket?.

The Pocket Team explains further by saying that ?This means the content you care about is safe and always available, even if it changes or is deleted on the webFrom the moment you upgrade to Premium, both new and existing items in your list and Archive become a permanent resource.?

There’s more to the Premium version than just the permanent library, the team adds. The version also contains certain improvements in the way users can organize their ?saves? as well as in the search tool of the Pocket service.

Pocket Premium subscribers are able to search for the links / articles using the author name, keyword, tag, topic or a text in the article.

Saved articles in the Pocket app can be tagged for easy retrieval and the Premium version contains upgrades where the app will suggest tags that you can use, and also recall tags that you have utilized in the past. The tags are extremely helpful, and more tags used, helps the app identify and locate the article / link you are looking for later on.

The Pocket team did not forget the free version just because of the Premium roll out. The free app also got some upgrades with the tagging system as well as a new design for browser extensions for the web app.

The Pocket Premium app subscription costs US$ 4.99 a month or a discounted yearly fee of US$ 44.99. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


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