Plugaway & digitalSTROM Make Smart Homes Possible for All.

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6-10BizideasPlugaway & digitalSTROM Make Smart Homes Possible for All.


(Here is Part 6 of our ongoing series on ? 10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Parts 1 – 5 , please see below for the links. – Editor)


Many consumer items and products are gearing towards net connectivity these past years. These companies know that as people get more connected to the web using their PCs and smartphones, they will be looking for the same functionality and interconnection with other appliances and household fixtures they use in their everyday life.

Many industries have applied internet connectivity in managing their production lines, farms and service work areas, from remotely controlling temperature to monitoring and adjusting conditions wirelessly using the web. However, the use of such technology has not been commercially available to residential homes (except for those ?rumors? about smart homes supposedly owned by Bill Gates and other top tech honchos). It has been accepted that the cost for an ordinary homeowner making his dwelling internet connected and smart would be too impractical for the benefits it could bring.

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Video: digitalSTROM at CEBIT 2013 (digitalSTROMtv / YouTube)

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Video: PlugAway Kickstarter Video (FutureIdeas / YouTube)

I remember reading a few years ago about refrigerators that have web browsers on their doors that help home-makers access recipes and other cooking information without leaving the kitchen. Of course, this is just like taping a tablet on a ref door and does not really make the ref ?connected? in the sense that companies like digitalSTROM and Plugaway do.

Plugaway, a manufacturer of Smart Plugs and LED Bulbs from China, and digitalSTROM, a company in Switzerland, have made it possible to network ALL electrical devices that are connected to an existing electrical main power line, and manage such appliances via the web.

These ” Lego-like” products that network these home devices enable the homeowner to control their devices using their PCs and smartphones. It also allows them to monitor their energy usage even when they are away.

Other companies have also developed similar products ? such as Greenbox, August and DoorBot, but, their pricing levels are still beyond the budget of the ordinary homeowner.

With digitalSTROM and Plugaway however, the era of the Smart Home for all is already becoming a reality.

Watch out for Part 6 of our series where we will feature ?Smart Hospitals?!

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