PlayXpert Does For Sony Games What XMB Should Already Be Doing

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PS3 owners have been screaming for a feature like this in XMB.  PlayXpert allows cross game communication with your friends from your friends list.  It’s supported in all the major SOE games and even works with non-SOE games.  Full release after the jump:


Late February Release Planned; Sneak Peek At Multiple GDC Locations

SANDPOINT, ID – FEBRUARY 14, 2008 — PlayXpert, the provider of next-generation
in-game community management tools, announced today it has developed a unique Chat
Gateway integrated with Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) Station Friends chat
network that allows any PlayXpert user to text-chat with the native chat systems on
SOE’s PC games. Using this gateway, PlayXpert users can connect with friends just
like they can when they’re playing the game using their characters’ Friends lists.
This innovation allows users who play non-SOE games to stay connected with their
friends playing SOE games and vice versa.

“Today’s announcement is another example of our pursuit to enable gamers to remain
connected and stay in game,” said Charles Manning, CEO of PlayXpert. “Just like our
chat support for Google Talk, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and Xfire, our support for
Station Friends allows PlayXpert users to stay connected to their friends no matter
what game they play.”

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, said, “Gamers today typically
play several games and as a result maintain what are traditionally separate and
distinct communities across those games. We feel strongly about empowering our
players using our Station Friends chat network to remain connected to their other
gaming communities and friends even when they are outside of those games. PlayXpert
has shown its ability to integrate its chat gateway with the Station Friends chat
network to enable text chat between SOE games and other games.”

Using PlayXpert, players will be able to add friends across numerous games or game
worlds including EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, and PlanetSide®, and can auto-discover
their game-specific friends list and have it appear in the PlayXpert Chat Messenger

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