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PlayStation VR Release To Face Strong Competition From Intel’s Wireless VR Headset

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Ahead of Sony?s PlayStation VR release, Intel has unveiled Project Alloy. It is a wireless virtual reality headset which is getting support from Microsoft. The company calls it an all-in-one VR headset as it delivers mixed reality experience to the user. The device will be open source, meaning that Intel will allow third party developers to build projects including VR applications for the headset.

The announcement came from this year?s Intel Developer Forum, where the company CEO Brian Krzanich introduced Project Alloy. The device can come out as a strong PlayStation VR competitor. Intel suggests that the company has completely eliminated the need of cables with Project Alloy.

As far as Project Alloy VR headset?s features are concerned, the new virtual reality headset by Intel looks extremely user-friendly and powerful. The company suggests that users don?t need to connect the device anywhere with cables, so they can ?cut the VR cord.? In large spaces, users will be able to experience ?free range of motion with 6 degrees-of-freedom.?

Additionally, Intel?s new virtual reality headset will do away with the need for external sensors. The device comes equipped with ultra-modern features. It includes collision detection and avoidance and front-facing 3D camera. It also doesn?t require a high-performing PC to run virtual reality applications.

Sony also claims that its highly anticipated PlayStation VR headset doesn?t need a powerful rig to play VR games, but it fails to deliver a tether-free experience. Intel?s Project Alloy VR headset has its own processor, RealSense cameras and sensors that make the device stand out. Intel?s VR headset comes as a complete system that doesn?t require tethering; on the other hand, Sony?s PSVR and even Facebook?s Oculus Rift fail to deliver the same level of freedom.

Intel has not shared any specific details regarding the price of Project Alloy. Meanwhile, Sony is all set to launch PlayStation VR at the price of US$499 in October 2016.

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