PlayStation VR Price: Sony Gains Advantage In The Virtual Reality Battle Again

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Sony PlayStation VR might get advantage of HTC Vive price announcement

Virtual reality fans are predicting that Sony’s PlayStation VR could become the most successful of 2016’s VR headsets, if Sony makes it cheap enough. For Sony, the VR headset is a great opportunity, but the fact that the company would have to keep the PlayStation VR price low to remain competitive may be a loss to begin with.

Recently, HTC announced the price of its VR headset called HTC Vive. The device will cost US$799, meaning that the users will have to pay US$200 more if they choose HTC Vive over the Oculus Rift. After the announcement, it has become clear that HTC Vive is not planning to win the virtual reality competition by coming out with a cheaper price. Now tech enthusiasts are expecting a masterstroke from Sony.

Sony?s PlayStation VR is expected to be the most popular virtual reality headset of the year, and there are many reasons behind this. According to several reports and developers, Sony will poise the PlayStation VR price at a lower rate than the Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are the most anticipated VR headsets coming in 2016. We already know the price of the Rift, and now the HTC Vive price has been announced as well, and both devices are deemed expensive by virtual reality fans.

The VR headsets? price will play a great role in the sales of the devices. At this point, not all PCs are compatible to run VR software, and not everybody is ready to buy one due to the expensive price. Sony certainly has the advantage now, and the company may begin to sell PlayStation VR at a lower price. Even if the company sells the headset at an initial loss, it may start ruling the new industry with its VR headset.

However, the PlayStation VR price is not the only aspect where Sony seems to be the winner in the VR industry. The virtual reality games coming in 2016 and beyond will also matter. Sony has already revealed its huge lineup of games for PlayStation VR. Although Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have also confirmed many VR games for their headset but recent reports suggest that PlayStation VR is the choice of many game developers. A lot of developers are already working on PS VR titles, and many are planning to do the same in future. This is surely going to affect the sales of the devices because buying a virtual reality headset will depend on how much content potential buyers will get. At this point, Sony?s virtual reality headset can trump the competition.

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