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PlayStation VR Price And Release Date Announced: Will Cost More Than $399

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Playstation VR

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation VR price. At a media presentation held during the 2016 Game Developer?s Conference, Sony revealed that the VR headset will retail for $399 / ?399 /?349 / AUD$549 and will hit stores in October.

Sony Reveals Playstation VR Price

What they didn?t reveal during the briefing was the fact that the VR headset requires the PlayStation Camera in order to use. Sony confirmed this news on Twitter, after the show ended. As of now, the PS Camera can only be purchased separately at a retail price of $59.99. PlayStation Move controllers, which are necessary for some of the system?s upcoming VR games, are also not included with the headset.

The only things included with the headset itself are the separate processor box, a set of HDMI and USB cables, headphones, and a power supply. PlayStation VR owners will also be eligible to download the VR version of the PS4?s Playroom, which includes six mini-games.

The Headset?s $400 price point is certainly impressive at first glance; beating out its rivals the Oculus Rift ($599) and HTC Vive ($799), by considerable margins. Even when you factor in the required camera ($60) and optional PS Move controller ($50), the PS VR stills comes as the cheapest option.

Noted game industry analyst Michael Patcher told GamingBolt before the GDC conference that a sub-$500 dollar PlayStation VR could shake up the VR market considerably.

?I?ve said it before, if it?s under $500, it?s going to be a bargain, and it?s going to probably take ton of share,? said Patcher. He doesn?t think that the Rift and Vive?s technical superiority will mean much when price is taken into account.

??I don?t think most consumers really care. I think VR is fun, and it?s novel, and the point is, if I get a ?dumbed down? version of it for $500, instead of a super high quality one for $1500, I?ll take the $500 version all day long,? Patcher said.

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