PlayStation VR Price Hinted By Sony Boss?

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Sony is all set for its PlayStation VR press event next week, but the company has not revealed any information about the price of the VR headset. Recently though, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. President Shuhei Yoshida and other Sony executives hinted the PlayStation VR price, saying it is affordable. Yoshida also said that the Oculus Rift price ?surprised? him.

SCE?s vice president Masayasu Ito also said in an interview with Polygon that PlayStation VR has to be affordable. The company is aiming for mass distribution, so the device should not be expensive, according to Sony executives. When asked about the price of PlayStation VR?s competitor Oculus Rift, Ito noted that Oculus Rift may have better quality than Sony?s headset; however, he said that Oculus Rift needs an expensive PC to run. Ito claims that Sony has an advantage because its headset runs perfectly with PlayStation 4, so the PSVR is affordable and easier to use.

According to Sony, their focus is their huge audience. Ito said that global CEO of SCE, Andrew House, specifically instructed that PlayStation VR be for mass market and not for those who use a high-end PC.

Yoshida also said that Sony wants to reach a wider market with its PlayStation VR. He added that he was surprised by the price of Oculus Rift as he was also expecting it to be much lower due to Palmer Luckey?s claims that the headset would cost less. Sony maintains that the price of PlayStation VR will be reasonable and that the upcoming VR headset will be priced as a new gaming platform.

Many VR fans think that lowering the cost of the device would affect the quality of the VR experience, but Sony stands firm with its promise of delivering an affordable solution. If we compare the VR headsets available or coming in the market, Sony looks to be ahead when it comes to gaming. According to the source, Sony is developing smaller VR experiences. The company is not allocating resources to one big game; instead it is working on small-sized games.

“When the content side starts investing, you usually start small. And with VR, small games can have a very significant impact, and that?s more preferable,? said Yoshida.

Yoshida further said that Sony might sell PlayStation VR games just the way they sell PS4 games. He added that the company will also release cheaper digital games for PlayStation VR priced in the $10 range. The high-end VR games will be priced in the $60 range.

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