Playstation VR Move Controller Unreliable? What You Should Know Before Buying One

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PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

While gaming fans are pretty much excited with Sony?s E3 announcement of PlayStation VR launch on October 13 in North America and Europe, it seems the company?s Move controllers will play the role of a spoilsport for virtual reality enthusiasts.

According to VentureBeat?s Jeff Grubb, Sony?s Move controllers aren?t reliable enough to give you the full immersive experience of virtual reality in comparison to the better experience offered by HTC Vive controllers and Oculus Touch.

The Move devices, which are a pair of TV remote-like wands with light-up bulbs on the end, were launched by the company way back in 2010 and are similar to Wii?s Remote motion controllers. Though they get the job done in a lot of circumstances, even Sony recognizes that they are not ideal for every virtual reality experience. Grubb described the Move controllers as uncomfortable and unreliable and added that they are the weakest aspect of Sony?s push into virtual reality.

Grubb further elaborated that Sony?s Move controllers lost tracking and calibration when it came to playing motion-controlled gaming. When he tried to play the Final Fantasy XV VR, the real-world Move never synced up with the in-game gun. Also, when he tried the Batman: Arkham VR, the batarangs always went straight to target no matter how he tried throwing them. The Move is therefore unreliable and rather inaccurate for virtual reality-based gaming.

Apparently, the Move controllers use the much older technology than that of the latest VR-based controllers. Move uses a camera to track the position of the colorful light bulb at the end of the Move sticks in 3D space. Though Sony has updated PS VR with a new camera for PS4, the underlying technology is rather old. So these controllers can?t accurately translate the motion into in-game action as the comparatively new Vive or Oculus Touch do.

In addition, Sony?s controllers are of the least comfortable VR controllers. The thick sticks of Move are unnatural and flimsy and due to their terrible design, it is rather difficult to hold on to them. In comparison, Vive controller tapers in thickness from top to bottom while Touch?s handles are similar to grips of a DualShock making it easier for the gamer to comfortably hold them.

Also, Sony at its E3 press conference revealed the Aim, a controller designed similar to Move but is different in aspect. It is the new motion gun-style instead of a stick and works with the Farpoint shooter for PS VR. But Sony didn?t reveal its price or whether or not it may work with the other devices which itself is quite misleading to customers. So investing in Aim won?t pay off as the question remains regarding its compatibility in future games.

That being said, Sony is likely to introduce a new PS VR Move controllers once it officially launches the virtual reality headset in October. Also, the VR is still in the developing stage and hopefully Sony will have a good enough solution soon like that of Oculus Touch and Vive controllers.

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