PlayStation VR Games Price: How Much Will Sony’s Virtual Reality Titles Cost?

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PlayStation VR Games

Sony will launch the PlayStation VR headset on October 13 for US$399, and the company is planning to add over 50 virtual reality games on launch. Sony?s Shawn Layden at E3 2016 confirmed that the company will bring titles like Resident Evil VII and the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing game which will run on PS4 with VR support. In a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO confirmed that the price of PlayStation VR games will range between US$20 to US$40.

After making some big announcements at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016, House sat down with CNBC and discussed the possibilities and future of virtual reality with PlayStation VR. After revealing the price of the PlayStation VR games, House also highlighted the fact that virtual reality games will deliver immersion that is more impactful, saying the experience will be ?magical.?

However, it seems that the price revealed by Sony?s House is for simple VR games because some of the VR titles are beyond the US$40 range. The PlayStation Store lists RIGS: Mechanised Combat League for approx. US$78, while the PlayStation VR World is available at US$50. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is available at just US$23, while you can grab a copy of Tumble VR for US$12.

Meanwhile, Sony is already working on some major VR games which include Batman: Arkham VR, Final Fantasy XV, PlayStation VR Worlds, The PlayRoom VR, Psychonauts: in the Rhombus of Ruin, Robinson The Jourrney and many more. Sony PlayStation chief Shuhei Yoshida already said that the studio is working on over a hundred PSVR games, and the company is focusing on both independent and existing partners to bring more VR content. Sony is also working on Farpoint, a space adventure game set in a mysterious world.

House also said that PS4 Neo, which is expected to arrive sometime next year, should not be considered as a replacement for the PlayStation 4. He assured fans that Sony?s virtual reality headset will support all the versions of PS4, and all the games will be playable on the device.

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