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PlayStation VR Game ‘Golem’ Showcased

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Take a first look at the Golem game for the PlayStation VR: Golem.

Looks like PlayStation is bringing some promising VR games to their library with their newest game called Golem. The game is being developed by former Bungie and Sucker Punch devs at Highwire Games. IGN managed to get a preview of the game and along with Highwire Games, they provided some 360 videos for it as well, you can check out the video below to see how it looks when you are in a VR gear and viewing the game, be sure to drag the cursor to view the other angles in the video.

Here are some details about the game and how it will work:


Golem is set in a world unlike ours. You play as a girl bedridden by injury, who can interact with the world via her ability to possess Golems, which range in size, shape, and ability.

The girl stays in bed, in a small hut. Her crutches are laid out in front of her on the bed. Players can look around inside the hut, and do things such as lean over to look over the edge of the bed.

PlayStation Move

Rather than a DualShock 4, Golem uses the PlayStation Move controller. The controller is represented as a large pink crystal in your avatar?s hands

Specs and Release Window

Golem runs at 90 frames per second. It is a PlayStation VR exclusive that has been in development for two years, but it won?t be a launch title for the platform.

Looking from the impression from IGN, it seems that Golem is a promising one where the developers are serious in giving this VR game a story-driven content along with high production value similar to triple A games that are being released. We can expect more news about Golem soon and this could be a must have PlayStation VR game but as of now, the game is still currently under development.

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