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PlayStation VR

Sony recently announced the global price and release date of PlayStation VR. The much-awaited virtual reality headset ?is coming in October at a price of US$399. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House also revealed some cool features of PlayStation VR, including a cinematic mode. The feature is pretty interesting because it lets you see all the PS4 games on the entire 16:9 screen of the virtual reality headset.

Sony revealed that its VR headset is not only about virtual reality gaming content. Players can also watch movies and play games that are not designed for the VR platform. We previously reported that Sony is hosting a PSVR-focused press conference, and the company has organized an exclusive event and announced the cinematic mode for PlayStation VR. The newly introduced feature will let PSVR owners enjoy a variety of content while?they are wearing the headset.

According to Sony, PlayStation VR?s Cinematic mode will support all the standard PlayStation 4 games and videos. The VR headset will also include Sony?s signature features such as Live from PlayStation and Share Play. According to Twinfinite, Netflix will also be supported.?

PlayStation VR will also support 360-degree photos and videos. Sony announced that the device is capable of running images and videos captured by omnidirectional cameras. The videos and photo gallery will be playable via the PS4 Media Player. This feature will surely let the users feel as if they are inside the captured image or video.

For those who are concerned about the VR headset?s screen size, Sony says it depends on the user how large they want their screen to be. Sony said that PSVR users can create a virtual screen up to 225 inches at a distance of at least 2.5 meters. The company also said that the size of the screen may vary from person to person.

Although the cinematic mode of the PlayStation VR may not give you a virtual reality experience with non-VR games, it is surely a cool feature that hardcore gamers should look forward to. With this, those who have a huge library of games might easily prefer the?PlayStation VR over other virtual reality headsets.

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