PlayStation VR Camera Demand Spikes After Sony’s Announcement, Should You Buy One Now?

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The world has yet to see the sustainability of virtual reality, but it looks like a large number of people want to adopt the technology as soon as they can. Recently, Sony announced the launch date of PlayStation VR along with its global price. Since then, demand for the PlayStation 4 Camera has gone up. According to Sony, the PlayStation VR headset will require the PlayStation Camera, that is why people are ordering the device from online retail stores which made its sales cross 3,000 percent on Amazon as of this writing.

Sony PlayStation VR will be available around the world at a price of US$399, but that doesn?t include the required PlayStation Camera yet. Sony?s optional Move motion controller also isn?t included. People are reportedly buying the devices, and the sales rank of both hardware has jumped to top 20 on Amazon.

PlayStation Move controller is not an essential gadget for PlayStation VR, but the device is useful for hand-tracking in certain games. There?s no doubt that players will feel the need of Move controllers when playing the likes of shooting games to help them feel more control of the situation.

Those who feel they need the device have taken the sales percentage of the PlayStation Move controller to a new height. Meanwhile, those who think that Move controller is not really necessary should note that Sony PlayStation has announced on its official Twitter account that the company is bringing Star Wars Battlefront in virtual reality. For those who want to dig deeper into the virtual reality experience, the Star Wars game would be an ideal treat and a solid reason to choose PSVR along with the Move controller.

Fortunately for those interested in all the devices, there will be a PlayStation VR bundle in North America with the PlayStation Camera and a Move motion controller, a PlayStation representative told Tech Insider. The source did not reveal any detail about the pricing and availability of the PlayStation VR bundle, but it is possible that Sony will make it available for approximately US$500. Currently, the company is selling the PS4 camera for US$60 and Move motion controller for US$60, so it is possible that the bundle will be available at the said price.

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