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PlayStation Vita woes: PS Vita Owes Players, Sells Empty Games

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“PlayStation Vita illustration” by Tokyoship, Wikimedia Commons. [Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

The PlayStation Vita has a mix of bad and good times. There are people who are for it, believing in the potential of the successor to Sony’s?PlayStation Portable. However, there are some people who will also swear by other handhelds–thce Nintendo 3DS, for one, as well as the various mobile games coming out for different mobile phones.

This news from The?Register?UK only serves to confirm the troubles besieging Sony–or the PlayStation Vita, in particular. After this news piece coming from Geek, the PS Vita may have falsely advertised the presence of physical game copies.

PlayStation Vita and its Troubles

According to The Register UK, Sony?was ordered by FTC to pay out a choice of $25 refund or a $50 merchandise credit to be used in Sony’s online store for false advertising. This was after Sony Computer Entertainment America and ad agency Deutsch LA advertised the PlayStation Vita as being able to play PS3 saved games.

In truth, only a select number of titles can be played in such a way contrary to their claims that almost every saved PS3 game can be played on the unit. It should have been obvious, owing to the fact that–while the PlayStation Vita was superior in every way to the PlayStation Portable–it certainly isn’t at par with the PlayStation 3, and thus, incapable of seamlessly running its games.

Engadget?details that users can claim the refund through this website.

Misleading Packaging

From this Geek article, we learn of a very misleading tactic with which the MLB 15 game was packaged for the Sony PlayStation Vita. There’s supposed to be a physical copy inside, but the Geek article’s team was surprised to receive a box with a download code, and nothing else.

With all of PlayStation Vita’s troubles, you’d think they’d be sensitive enough to be doing these things. It doesn’t bode well at all for the PlayStation Vita’s fight to reclaim lost ground.

Digging their own Hole

What happened, though, with these moves, is that Sony?stands to alienate more people from their already troubled console. They should make a move sooner than later to fix these problems or face the consequence.


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