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Playstation Vita Updates: Why Did It Fail; Sony to Cash In On Classic Games and Copy Pokemon GO?

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Imagine playing PlayStation games on your iOS or Android phone (minus the buggy emulators)… exciting right? With the failure of the Playstation Vita?PlayStationMobile, Sony tries the second time around to have a go at mobile gaming. Just a few months ago, they?ve announced that they are forming a new company called ?ForwardWorks?. This new Sony unit?is reportedly tasked to deploy new services toward the ever-expanding smart device market.”

First, why did Vita fail?

Some say that the portable gaming industry is dominated by Nintendo 3Ds. This popular gaming platform is something that gamers?love because of its good variety of accessible games. Next is the price of the Playstation Vita compared to the price of ?3Ds. The 3Ds costs less and you can play more popular games, unlike the Vita. Lastly, the Vita lacks having exclusive game titles to hype it up. Agree?

Sony to follow the footsteps of Niantic?s Pokemon GO?

As reported by GameNGuide, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai raves about the success of Nintendo with its Pokemon GO game. He says that the game proves that mobile games can also bring in the market. One direction that they aim to replicate is the growing interest of people in Augmented Reality games.

The Sony executive adds that they will execute an ?aggressive? strategy and dive into the Augmented Reality trend and become a top alternative option to Pokemon GO.


Classic Playstation Games

With the reported decline in the number of Pokemon GO players, Sony should see this as an opportunity to grab the spotlight. However, the big question is, which among the popular PlayStation franchise or game titles could achieve the same monumental success?

Rumor has it that Sony?s mobile gaming company will release classic PlayStation titles. Hirai hints that they are looking into titles that has intellectual property. Perhaps this will include making a PS exclusive Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandicoot, Dragon Quest, and Spiderman to name a few.

Japan will be the first target country for ForwardWork’s new titles. It will then perhaps target users in Asia, before expanding the concept globally. ForwardWorks will be headed by SCE?s President in Japan and Asia, Atsushi Morita, together with Global CEO and President of SCE, Andrew House.

Which PlayStation games would you like to play on your smartphone? Post your suggestions in the comments section below.

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