PlayStation Vita Pets out now!

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The Liverpool based publisher, Spiral House, has launched a new game for the PlayStation Vita. The game is called PlayStation Vita Pets, and to put a stamp on the launch, Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new trailer for it.

The game has you choose a puppy character (one out of 4 you can choose from) as you go through different adventures. Your new puppy companions are all unique as each puppy has a real personality where they show their likes and dislikes by expressing them through different actions and voices. The game claims to have gone through all the painstaking efforts to ensure that every line of the game is fully voiced. All in all, there are 10,000+ lines they had to go through.

The puppies will also remember your face and voice. Once you pick your companion, it?ll take a good look at you and they will want to make sure that it is you who is coming back to play the game every time you return. This may seem a bit picky, but it also kind of makes sense as real dogs like to bond with their owners the best.

The adventures begin after the pup has been picked out. The adventure starts off on an island that is filled with caves, mazes, castles, and treasure. The main task is to uncover secret clues that are needed to solve the mystery of an ancient legend of a king and his dog.

Aside from adventures, you?ll also need to take care of your dog just like in real life. You?ll need to look after it, feed it, pet it, bathe it, and of course, play games with it. These pets will have daily needs and you can earn buddy points as well as you go for a walk in the forest to dig up treasures to buy new toys and games. A little add on bonus that the developers put in the game was that the dogs can let you know when they need to relieve themselves so there should be no accidents.

The game also offers augmented reality games that use the device?s handheld camera so that you can bring your in game pet into the real world.

There are also hundreds of items of clothing for your new pets so dressing them up should be easy.

PlayStation Vita Pets will come at a price of $19.99.


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Photo Source: PlayStation Blog

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