PlayStation TV Coming To North America and Europe Later This Year

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If you haven?t heard of PlayStation Vita T.V, or more commonly known as ?PlayStation T.V, it is a small a device (though, it is not intended to be a ?portable gaming on the go gadget?) that actually lets you play PlayStation Vita games on your HDTV. One reason why you might have not heard of it is due to the fact that up until now, it was only made available in Japan. Fortunately, though, it will be making its way to North America.

Sony just confirmed this in their recent E3 press conference. This little thing originally launched in Japan last year, and it would seem like it made pretty good results, that brought Sony to a decision to bring it into the entire world, along with Sony online services.

The device alone will cost consumers $99, and this might be the cheapest way to get to playing PlayStation Vita games, but of course, removing the ability of playing your favorite titles on the go AND with a few games not working due to restrictions, like the lack of certain PS Vita specific features (e.g: Touch screen and rear touch sensor)

But if you overlook all those shortcomings, you actually get more by being able to play good PlayStation Vita titles, along with some PSP, PS1, and PS3 titles to be catered by PlayStation Now. Aside from these, consumers would also be able to access certain music and video streaming sites. Most possibly, Netflix, Hulu Plus, NFL, etc.

PlayStation TV will also have the function to remote play PlayStation 4 on a separate T.V at home. PlayStation TV will not need ?a remote control and instead, use a standard PlayStation 3 controller.

It is said that Sony will release a bundle that would include the PlayStation T.V unit, a DualShock 3 controller, an 8 GB memory card, an HDMI cable, and a copy of The Lego Movie Video Game. All this for $139, which isn?t so bad? at all.

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