PlayStation Reveals Driveclub’s Awesome Weather Effects

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PlayStation posted yesterday in its blog some in-game clips of Driveclub released by developer Evolution Studios. For the first time, we will get to see the dynamic weather effects inside the game. And all we can say is that it?s awesome.

There are pretty much as many weather conditions in the game as it is in reality. Rain, wind, snow, thunderstorms, blizzards ? you name it, you can pretty much expect to see it in the game. The fun part is that you are able to customize your own weather conditions when you race.

?You can expect every one of those [weather conditions] and you can expect it to change dynamically and unpredictably while you race ? because we?ve designed it to be just like real weather systems,? said Alex Perkins, Driveclub?s Art Director.

To make it more fun and interesting, Evolution Studios made the weather conditions dynamic. This means that when you race, you may experience not just one or two changes in weather conditions, but you can expect it to change often. And if you want to go extreme, you can also adjust conditions to zero visibility.

?So if you?re in Norway, for example, you?ll face heavier snow when you?re racing atop the mountains and much lighter snow or sleet when you descend to a lower altitude. Lots of things play into this, like elevation, wind speed, and temperature,? Perkins said in the interview.

Of course, all these weather effects will have an impact to the race. If you?re driving on snow for example, then breaking will be a lot harder and drifting is more achievable. Visibility also plays a big part too, as snowflakes may get into your wipers and cause blurry vision.

At the moment, the developers are still fine-tuning some of the details such as lighting, moisture absorption, and dampening surfaces to make the game as realistic as possible.

?We?re very ambitious and we want to keep pushing our own tools and the power of PS4 to create new and exciting game play experiences,? Perkins finished.

Driveclub is set to be released on October 7, 2014 and will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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