PlayStation Plus Price Hike FAQ: Will Your Existing Membership Continue? Will Old PSN Cards Work? And More Questions Answered

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PlayStation Plus Price Hike

Last month,?Sony announced a PlayStation Plus price hike. Now that the company is bringing the new subscription fee into effect, there are a few things players would want to know. Here are the answers to your questions about the changes in price and the effect of this change on your subscription.

Existing Members

Existing members who wish to continue their membership will be eligible to enjoy the service at the old price. Subscribers?who purchased the subscription before the PlayStation Plus price hike won?t need to pay anything extra for the service.

Old PSN Cards

Regarding the old PSN cards, Sony is not going to disable the codes. So if you have already purchased old PSN cards or you find some in any store, the cards will work for you even if they come in the old price.

Things To Remember

The main thing you should know is that a PS Plus card membership card doesn’t function like a currency card, hence, you will be able to avail all of the benefits of those who will renew their subscription after the price hike has taken effect. Those who have an existing membership will still have the same end date for their subscription. ?

Many fans have purchased cards in advance to avail the benefits of the service at the old price. A fan on Reddit suggests that the retailers have also confirmed that activating the old cards even after the price change would add the benefits you usually get.

The revised pricing has taken effect from September 22 and now the PlayStation Plus price hike resulted in annual subscription charges of?US$59.99. On the last day, many players took the opportunity to buy the credit for the next year. So if you already have subscription cards for the next couple of months, you can simply activate them whenever your current subscription expires and enjoy the free games, online gaming, and other benefits.

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