PlayStation Plus Open Weekend: Free PS4 Multiplayer Starts On Friday

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PlayStation Plus Open Weekend

PlayStation Plus Open Weekend begins this Friday, and all PS4 players will be able to enjoy multiplayer online for free. Sony is making online multiplayer free to play for all the PS Plus members from June 24 to June 27 and will start at 10:00 BST on Friday and will run until 10:00 BST on Monday.

Unlike the PS3 where online gaming is free, PS4 players need to be subscribed to Sony?s subscription in order to play with other players online. Luckily, this weekend will be different, as Sony has revealed on its official blog that the company is kicking off an open weekend. This promotion gives all PS4 owners a chance to try the multiplayer modes without spending a dime for the subscription.

This is a great promotion for those who own games with multiplayer features, but haven?t tried playing those online modes because they aren?t subscribed to PS Plus. Those is probably great for those who mainly purchase games with a strong single-player experience that have decent multiplayer modes as well such as Doom and Uncharted 4. For those skeptical if they will enjoy online only games such as The Division and Overwatch, they might want to try borrowing a copy from a friend this weekend to see if they will enjoy online gaming.

Sony definitely wants players to choose PS Plus membership once you try the PlayStation Plus Open Weekend. No matter what you decide, the weekend could be full of fun because you can compete with all your friends and fellow players from around the world. “Come and play this weekend and take on friends, rivals and the world in action-packed online-multiplayer for any of the titles you own with multiplayer modes,? Sony?s official blog post reads.

The PlayStation Plus Open Weekend is only limited to being able to PS4 games online. This means that discounts, PS Plus free games, and other benefits will not be available.

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