Playstation Plus Games For April Leaked Early

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Everybody loves free games. So quite naturally, gamers world over wait eagerly to see what Sony has to offer as freebies to loyal subscribers of its online service Playstation Plus. Normally, free games for the next month are revealed late in the month but this month?s line-up has been revealed early, reports Eurogamer.

Dead Star, a multiplayer space combat shooter from Armature studio is one of the free games you?ll be able to play for free.

A PSN subscriber bought the game this month but received a message from Sony, notifying him that the game will be made free next month. His pre-order was refunded. Dead Star will launch on April 5, apparently for free.

This new trend of launching games for free through the Playstation Plus service is catching on. More famously, Rocket League, the soccer-arena game that has now sold over a million copies on both PS4 and Xbox started life as a free game on Playstation Plus last year.

However, the full lineup as not been revealed yet. It is expected to go live on the first Tuesday of April.

Playstation Plus games on offer this month are listed below.

PS4 ? Broforce, Galak-Z

PS3 ? Super Stardust HD, The Last Guy

PS Vite ? Flame Over, Reality Fighters

The best one of the lost has to be Broforce, a side-scrolling run and gun platformer that has been received very positively by most reviewers.

Sony?s Playstation Plus service has been in hot water recently amid concerns of instability of servers, increasing subscription fees and mediocre games on offer for free. Many fans of Sony have asked the company to make its online services ?free? like before. However, Sony has never acknowledged the call and it looks like Sony?s online service Playstation Plus will continue to be a paid affair.

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