PlayStation Plus Free Games: Titles We Want to See By The End Of The Year

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

We are more than halfway through 2016, making it the perfect time to predict some PlayStation Plus Free Games. This year has brought us some nice surprises, including a few indie games and NBA 2K16. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the year has in store for PlayStation owners.

Sony has been a bit picky with what games should be made free, usually choosing a few standout indie titles. These has been a smart move on the part of the company, though some fans have found it a bit lacking since the Xbox Games with Gold are usually blockbuster titles.

They don’t have to come out next month, but here are some titles we would like to see become PlayStation Plus Free Games by the end of the year.

Infamous: Second Son

One of the first great PS4 games, it seems like the time is right to make Infamous: Second Son a free game. The free-roaming superhero game impressed players with fun gameplay that was challenging and great graphics.

Should Infamous Second Son be the next PS Plus free game?

Since its spin-off title Infamous: First Light was already made a free game a year ago, it’s only a matter of time before the main title becomes free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It will definitely be a nice surprise for those that haven’t played it yet.

Saints Row 4

Now that fans have gotten a taste of the series with the standalone expansion Gat Out of Hell, it seems like making the main game a free title is the next step. Saints Row 4 is one of the most fun open-world games ever made, proving to be a worthy challenger to Grand Theft Auto 5, while also being a nice alternative to the Rockstar Games franchise, thanks to its quirky and colorful tone.

Saints Row 4 also took a page out of Crackdown’s book and added super powers to the mix. This made free roaming in the game even better, though it made vehicles completely useless. A fun title that everyone should play, PS Plus owner or not.

Life is Strange

With the first episode officially becoming a free download, it would be neat seeing the whole series become free for a PS Plus users. Life is Strange has become something of a phenomenon and is one of the best adventure games out right now.

Adventure titles like Grim Fandando and Broken Age have become PlayStation Plus Free Games, so it would be great seeing Life is Strange join those ranks. Considering how acclaimed the game is, Sony should consider making it free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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