PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2016: More Unique Games Per Region After PS Plus Price Hike?

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

Earlier this week, Sony?s premium subscribers were a bit taken aback with news that the price of a PlayStation Plus membership will increase come Sept. 22. Not all regions will share the price hike though as only US and Canada will be affected. Considering that other region?s prices will stay the same, will there be a difference in the PlayStation Plus Free Games offering among the regions now?

The reason for the price hike is Sony?s struggle with the current condition of the market. This alone led to speculations that there won?t be any changes in the PlayStation Plus Free Games offerings. However, since Europe has confirmed that it won?t increase its membership price, it?s likely that there will be more variety in the offerings among the regions.

The price hike isn?t something to dismiss though as PlayStation Plus memberships now cost a few extra dollars. For US and Canada subscribers, yearly membership will now be US$59.99 and C$69.99, respectively. The three-month subscription will be US$24.99 for US and C$29.99 for Canada. Monthly subscription will remain at the current US$9.99 for US and C$11.99 for Canada.

Since the price in US and Canada are significantly higher than other regions, players could expect a change in the game offerings with probably better choices. Subscribers can expect better titles instead of the usual indie title offerings and probably see a few outdated or old but gold titles up for grabs.

We?ve yet to see how the price hike will affect the PlayStation Plus free games offerings from Sony, but since September is drawing closer and closer, we can compare the free title offerings pretty soon. Let?s all hope that the $10 difference would be the gateway for better titles from Sony.

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