PlayStation Plus Free Games For September 2016: Two New Titles Confirmed By Sony?

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

We?re at the second half of August, and that means PlayStation Plus subscribers will have their hands on some hefty free titles soon. Although Sony hasn?t revealed the upcoming free titles yet, it?s fairly easy to shorten the list of possible inclusions. There are already two titles that could possibly be included in the September lineup of PlayStation Plus Free Games.

The two titles that are rumored to be in next month?s offerings are Tom Clancy?s Endwar and The Tomorrow Children. Although both are not AAA titles, it?s worth noting that The Tomorrow Children is looking to be a promising multiplayer title.

A post on the official blog of PlayStation Europe apologized to fans for an error that led to Retro/Grade being offered in the free games title again. As a compensation, Sony offered Tom Clancy?s Endwar in Europe as part of the free games selection.With Sony so quick in changing the lineup in Europe?s offerings, it?s possible that Endwar is already ready to be given away in other regions next month.

The Tomorrow Children, on the other hand, is a more likely inclusion in the PlayStation Free Games lineup for September. Redditor CollateralZero notes that PlayStation Plus subscribers could get the $20 founders pack of the upcoming title which releases on September 6, which is coincidentally the first Tuesday of the month, the date that the free games are released.

Although it?s a guess, it isn?t a random theory. The player theorizes that the founders pack of The Tomorrow Children will get the same treatment of Paragon, a free-to-play title that got its $20 starter pack as an added bonus in the PlayStation Plus free games for July 2016 lineup.

The next lineup of free games could be revealed in a couple of weeks from now, so players just have to wait a little to see if these two items will be free.

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