PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2016 Predictions: New Titles We Might Get Next Month

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While we are about to hit the midway point of August, fans are already wondering what the next batch of PlayStation Plus Free Games will be. True, September is still quite a way away, but that hasn’t stopped fans from guessing what their PS Plus account will get them, so it’s only fair that we take a stab at it as well.

Sony has actually let fans guess what games are going to be free via the PlayStation Community thread. This is where fans can guess six games ? two for PS4, two for PS3 and two for PS Vita ? and get rewarded for it with PS Plus points, which are useful to those who subscribe to the service.

Here are some guesses as to what the next batch of PlayStation Plus Free Games could be:

Watch Dogs (PS4)

Now that a sequel is coming out, it would be wise for Sony and Ubisoft to release this as one of the free games for September. It gives newer fans a taste of what the sequel could give them and could even convince them to buy it, if they like it enough.

As most fans know, Watch Dogs was one of the most hyped games ever and ended up disappointing a ton of fans. While far from a horrible game, it wasn’t as good as fans expected it to be. The hacking could have been used more, and the lead character could have been more interesting. Let’s hope the sequel fixes that.

Driver San Francisco (PS3)

There are a lot of underrated titles on the PS3, and Driver San Francisco is one of them. The game was crazier than the other Driver titles as it gave the lead character the ability to possess cars after he was put into a coma at the beginning of the game. It’s silly for sure, but it did make car chases fun and epic.

Lego Batman 3 (PS Vita)

With a new movie coming out soon, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham would be the perfect primer for the film. It features a ton of characters from DC Comics, including Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, among other Justice League members. It’s also a fun platformer in its own right.

Which PlayStation Plus Free Games do you want to see?

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