PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2016: Games That Would Make Up For The Price Hike

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

Sony recently revealed its plans to increase the price of a PlayStation Plus subscription before September ends. Fans are hoping that the overall quality of the free game offering will get better, considering that the price hike is a bit significant. There are a lot of titles that Sony could use to make up for the new prices. Fans are hoping they?d get it next month. Here are a few PlayStation Plus Free Games suggestions for September.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the most anticipated PS4 titles of this year. The sequel to 2013?s Tomb Raider reboot was an instant classic for the Xbox One and PC. Since the sequel is expected to launch this year, it?s a good idea to release the PS4 version of the first entry in September?s PlayStation Plus Free Games.


The first Watchdogs was one of the anticipated titles for the PS4 before. However, the game didn?t live up to the hype. The sequel coming this November is looking to redeem the franchise. Those who missed out on the first game should at least get their hands on it since the PlayStation Plus subscription is a bit pricey now. It?s a AAA title at the least. It would surely make up for the $10 extra that North America and Canada PlayStation Plus subscribers have to pay starting next month.

Assassin?s Creed IV: Black Flag

We aren?t getting an Assassin?s Creed main game this year. What better way to fill the void than by playing the best entry in the series that?s available on the current?gen. Surprisingly enough, Sony hasn?t released this game in its instant game collection yet. It?s high time now since the price for the PlayStation Plus Free Games subscription has been?increased.

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