PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2016: What Fans Want

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PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2016

Sony will soon announce PlayStation Plus free games for September 2016 as the new month is just around the corner. Fans are eagerly waiting for the free games and now everyone is speculating on the upcoming titles. As the company has raised the price of the PS Plus subscription, expectations for AAA games is on the rise.

The PlayStation Plus free games lineup in August 2016 disappointed many fans, and there are chances that the company might bring some major games in September 2016. The games requested by fans include Tekken 6, Sega Genesis Collection and Shadow Warrior.

Players on Reddit suggest that there should be a rise in the overall quality of the titles coming into the PS Plus library in September. Games such as Assassin?s Creed Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Knack, Bastion, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and games from the WWE franchise are also in demand.

Now, when the PlayStation Plus subscription service is available at the same price as Xbox Games With Gold service, fans expect to see better games from Sony. However, the company has not shared any specific details about any changes in the upcoming lineup. The Sony PlayStation Plus community manager said on Twitter that the company has not decided any changes (except price) to PlayStation Plus services.

There are many sequels coming out this holiday season and it is being said that Sony PlayStation might add their original titles in the PS Plus library in September 2016. After the recent price hike announcement, fans started believing that Sony might expand the library and each of the console will get more games every month. Now, as the company has clarified that there will be no changes in the lineup of games, PS Plus subscribers on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita will get two titles for each console.

Sony usually announces next month?s lineup of PlayStation Plus free games at the end of the month. There are chances that the company might reveal the same anytime soon.

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